5 Possible Cases for The Conjuring 3, with Special Contributor Nick Groff!

With the recent success of James Wan’s supernatural horror sequel THE CONJURING 2, it’s no surprise that we are looking at yet another chapter in this impressive series. And thanks to the many cases that involved Ed and Lorraine Warren, we can certainly do our own investigating into what story they could tell next. The on-screen couple (played by Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson) were involved with a possessed doll named ANNABELLE and they assisted the Perron family the first time around. In the sequel, there are shades of Amityville until they head to London for the Enfield Haunting.  A whole lot of scary for audiences to engage in.

When asked about the third installment, Wan claimed that he would like to bring the paranormal investigators into the Eighties. The director told IGN, “I do have something specific but I’m not going say it. But I will say this - I do think Conjuring 1 and 2 are both set in the 70’s, I think Conjuring 3 has got to be set in the 80’s.” So with that in mind, we decided to look at some of the Warren’s case files that could make for a successful continuation to THE CONJURING. While both films are based on true stories, they clearly embellished to make for a good time at a horror film. However, I’d be fascinated to see what frightening tale they are going to tell next.

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Just to sweeten the pot, we’ve asked friend to the site and paranormal investigator extraordinaire Nick Groff to give his thoughts on each case file. The renowned paranormal investigator and television host can currently be seen on Destination America’s fantastic hit series Paranormal Lockdown, now filming Season 2. Here we take a brief look at five possible investigations - all of which took place in the Eighties. And just to get a different perspective, we’ve invited Mr. Groff to give a little insight on the what could inevitably be THE CONJURING 3.

ed warren lorraine warren nick groff the conjuring the conjuring 2 paranormal lockdown hauntings ghost james wan


This is a story already familiar to many horror fans. It was the subject of a feature film with the same name, one which starred Kyle Gallner and Virginia Madsen. It also spawned a sequel which had nothing to do with the original case. There was also a Discovery Channel series on the events. Sure this is a story that many of us have seen, but look what Wan did for Amityville.

This tale involves a religious family moving into a home that was once a funeral parlor. They moved in because it was inexpensive, and it was closer to the hospital where their son was undergoing cancer treatments. This particular tale certainly has more than a little controversy involved. It has been claimed by skeptics that Ed Warren had told those involved to embellish the story, or simply make up stories. However, since Mr. Warren has since passed, it is unclear how much of this is true.

Nick, what are your thoughts on THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT? 

Nick Groff: This is a very popular case. I do believe something unexplainable occurred to the real family, but the current owners have been adamant about the house not being haunted today. I would have to investigate the house to see if the paranormal phenomena could be lying dormant after the Snedeker family left. Research has found through the presence of certain families and their kids going through adolescence can make an unknown or docile haunting much more severe, especially dealing with a poltergeist.

ed warren lorraine warren nick groff the conjuring the conjuring 2 paranormal lockdown hauntings ghost james wan


On November 24, 1981, in Brookfield, Connecticut, a man by the name of Arne Cheyenne Johnson was convicted of first-degree manslaughter for the murder of his landlord. Ed and Lorraine investigated what his family believed to be a possession of an 11-year-old boy named David Glatzel who allegedly was plagued by a demonic force. Johnson tried to prove his innocence claiming that he was forced to commit the crime due to the demon laying claim to Glatzel.

What is the likelihood that Johnson was truly led to commit murder by a demonic force? 

NG: I do believe there are other negative forces in our reality that contribute to one's mind set and can manipulate personalities in their decision making process. It's hard to say though if a demon was the main culprit in this murder. I would have to be there to experience and document the happenings.

ed warren lorraine warren nick groff the conjuring the conjuring 2 paranormal lockdown hauntings ghost james wan


The Smurl Family haunting is yet another creepy tale that has inspired a 1986 book and a TV-movie, both called The Haunted. Jack and Janet Smurl reported a supernatural disturbance, one filled with strange sounds, smells and ghostly visions. The haunting allegedly occurred from 1974 until 1989. Jack Smurl even claimed to be sexually assaulted on several occasions. Ed and Lorraine investigated the Smurl haunting in 1986 and said that a “very powerful” demon was attached to the family.

How often are there attacks of a sexual nature in the paranormal? 

NG: I've heard of several through my years from interviewing people that are genuine. I personally think there are other elements that play into most of the reported attacks, like a person's psyche and if they've experienced recent trauma in their life. 

ed warren lorraine warren nick groff the conjuring the conjuring 2 paranormal lockdown hauntings ghost james wan


This haunting centers on a “White Lady” ghost who haunts Union Cemetery. Ed Warren’s book “Graveyard: True Hauntings from an Old New England Cemetery” discusses this ghostly figure, one that he claimed to capture its essence on film. While this particular tale seems a bit too common when it comes to haunted tales, setting a Conjuring flick in a spooky cemetery could be the perfect recipe for goosebumps.

Have you been to the Union Cemetery? 

NG: I have never been to Union Cemetery, but I hope to check it out in the near future. I've heard a lot about the Lady in White that haunts the grounds. The story has me intrigued to investigate further.

ed warren lorraine warren nick groff the conjuring the conjuring 2 paranormal lockdown hauntings ghost james wan


In 1991, the Warrens’ released a book entitled “Werewolf: The True Story of Demonic Possession” where they claim to have exorcised a demonic werewolf figure. This involved a fellow named William Ramsey who suffered from seizures and other odd experiences. While this story seems to be even more  strange compared to the others, it might be a clever idea to bring this concept to a Conjuring sequel. Come on! Demonic werewolves have to be pretty terrifying! Perhaps it was closer to a wolfman with a ton of fur.

A demonic werewolf? What is your take on this story? 

NG: Well now that would be interesting! I have seen a ton of bizarre things I can't explain in my life, so I guess anything is possible within the unknown. Maybe the demonic presence was disguising itself as a werewolf from some other realm. There are so many things we just don't understand in this world, so I am open to the possibilities of all things paranormal.

As a fan of both THE CONJURING and THE CONJURING 2, I’m looking forward to continuing the ghostly adventures with Wilson and Farmiga returning to play Ed and Lorraine. And most importantly, I’d once again like to thank Nick Groff for joining in with this discussion and congratulations on the recently announced second season of Paranormal Lockdown! Nick and his co-host will be heading over to San Diego Comic Con in just a couple of weeks. Their panel will be July 22nd and they will be announcing some exciting news regarding the second season. Hope to see some of you there!

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