A detective takes on a pair of serial killers in Anderson Falls

Night Fare Julien Seri

French filmmaker Julien Seri, who has made a handful of feature films (including NIGHT FARE, pictured) and a jaw-dropping 600+ commercials, has signed on to direct the dramatic crime thriller ANDERSON FALLS.

I don't generally pay much attention to projects described as crime thrillers, but this one sounds like it might have elements that will be of interest to genre fans. Written by Giles Daoust, the story centers on 

a detective who is convinced that his wife's suicide is actually murder. Obsessed with his investigation, Anderson finds out that his wife was the victim of a team of father-and-son serial killers and is forced to break the rules to stop them from killing again.

A father and son serial killer team is a pretty twisted concept, and I could definitely see myself enjoying a film about a detective going all Dirty Harry on a pair like that.

ANDERSON FALLS is expected to start filming this summer. Daoust will be producing it for Title Media, alongside Luke Barnett and Vincent Masciale of Lone Suspect and Mike Macari of Koji Productions.

We'll keep you updated on this project as it continues moving forward. I'm very interested to see who will be playing the detective and the killers.

Daoust executive produced STARRY EYES

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