A serial killer gets robbed in Louise Linton's Me, You, Madness

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Criminals getting in over their heads and finding themselves in the middle of a horrific situation seems to be a popular concept lately, as it keeps popping up. The most well known recent example of this is DON'T BREATHE.

The latest film to be based around that idea is the dark comedy ME, YOU, MADNESS, which is written, produced, and directed by Louise Linton. Genre fans may recognize Linton as the actress who played Deputy Winston in Travis Zariwny's CABIN FEVER remake, while followers of political news might recognize her as the wife of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. Pursuing her career in the entertainment industry, Linton is distancing herself from the political stuff. That's her husband's gig, not hers. As she told The Hollywood Reporter, "I'm a filmmaker, I'm not a politician."

Linton has started a production company called Stormchaser Films, and has hired three other women to help her turn this company into something special. Kristen Ruhlin is the head of production, Kia Freeman will be focusing on nonprofit documentaries, and Kate Dudley is development executive.

ME, YOU, MADNESS is one of two movies Stormchaser currently has in production, the other being a rom com, so that one's not exactly Arrow in the Head material. ME, YOU, MADNESS sounds like it might be, though. The film stars Ed Westwick as 

a young thief who discovers he’s robbing the home of a serial killer. 

I'm guessing that robbing the home of a serial killer is not going to turn out to be a pleasant experience for the thief.

Filming on ME, YOU, MADNESS began in November in downtown L.A. and Malibu. Linton expects to complete production next month, then she'll start looking for a potential distributor.

Before this project, almost all of of Linton's genre credits have come from collaborations with Zariwny. In addition to CABIN FEVER, she was in his sci-fi film SCAVENGERS and the horror movies INTRUDER (pictured above) and THE MIDNIGHT MAN. The one exception is the 2008 film THE ECHO, director Yam Laranas' remake of his own 2004 film SIGAW. Zariwny wasn't involved with that one.

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