Abigail Breslin joins Halle Berry in Brad Anderson's new thriller The Hive

Brad Anderson now has an Oscar winner and an Oscar nominee set to star in his new thriller, THE HIVE. I know Berry's hit or miss these days, but if the movie sucks, it shouldn't be because of the acting...

Variety has it that Abigail Breslin (seen right) has joined Halle Berry (below) in THE HIVE. Berry will play a 911 operator set against the backdrop of a 911 emergency center, who must face her own fears in order to save a teenage girl (Breslin) from a serial killer.

Rich D'Ovidio wrote the script based on a story he hatched with Nicole D'Ovidio and Jon Bokencamp. THE HIVE was at one time to be directed by Joel Schumacher, with Anderson coming aboard in January. Production is slated to commence this June in L.A.

Alright, so how do we feel about THE HIVE at this point? I love Brad Anderson's work (SESSION 9, TRANSSIBERIAN), and obviously love anytime Halle Berry graces the screen, but the track records of both as of late aren't exactly sterling. Breslin's a talent as well, and it's good to see her continue to mine dark material after her Oscar nod in LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE (ZOMBIELAND, PERFECT SISTERS). I have a feeling a lot will hinge on Berry's performance. If it's good, chances are so will the movie. If it's bad, oh boy...CATWOMAN comes a calling!

Extra Tidbit: I don't often advise on these flicks, but I recommend Anderson's 2000 sci-fi rom-com HAPPY ACCIDENTS.
Source: Variety



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