Alex Winter and more join Elijah Wood/John Cusack thriller Grand Piano

GRAND PIANO, the Hitchcockian thriller that finds Elijah Wood in a piano-playing pickle, is cracking its knuckles and getting ready for its recital.

According to Variety, a slew of new names have become attached to the unusual thriller: Alex Winter (Bill S. Preston, Esquire!), Kerry Bishe, Allen Leach, Don McManus and Tamsin Egerton (pictured below).

The squad of thespians join Wood and John Cusack in the Eugenio Mira-directed PIANO, which is being produced by Rodrigo Cortes (BURIED).

In the film, Wood will play a once-great concert pianist who suffers from stage fright and comes back to perform after a five-year hiatus. Just when he's about to play the first bar, he notices somebody has written a threatening note on his music sheet. He's now forced to play his best concert ever to save his life as well as his wife's. In short: if he misses a single note, they're both dead.

GRAND PIANO will be shooting on location in Barcelona and the Gran Canaria Canary Island in Spain.

Extra Tidbit: I'd like to know when Winter's remake of THE GATE will finally get underway...
Source: Variety



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