Alien: Covenant four-minute sneak peek: Last Supper

We were told a few days ago that we would be getting a "sneak peek" at ALIEN: COVENANT during this week's LEGION series. Awesomely enough, the special sneak peek was much more significant than I could have hoped it would be. In the day and age of teasers for trailers (most being a skim few SECONDS) what we got last night ran a full 4 and a half minutes! Damn.

The clip is called LAST SUPPER, and it is here we finally get our first glimpses of Danny McBride and James Franco. Franco's playing the captain of the Covenant and is feeling under the weather so he goes to sleep early. But not before giving our heroine, played by Katherine Waterston, the "we have sex together when people aren't looking" wink.

The crew then begin to party like it's 1999. Arm wrestling and drinking. Then the chick from BLAIR WITCH (see below) starts acting like she's going to have a chest-buster pop out of her throat and Michael Fassbender's new robot rushes up behind her and gives her a medically accurate bitch-slap to the spine. Turns out to be effective. From there Katherine Waterston gives a speech about colonization and thanks everyone for their bravery.

Good clip. Overall. You can of course watch the whole thing below. Enjoy.

ALIEN: COVENANT bursts forth May 19, 2017

Extra Tidbit: Run.



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