American Horror Story to haunt screens for two more seasons

American Horror Story Ryan Murphy

American Horror Story: Roanoke concluded this past November, closing the book on a rather divisive season that delighted some fans by integrating prior seasons into the narrative. We already knew the show would be returning this year for its seventh season, but word has arrived that FX has already renewed the Ryan Murphy-Brad Falchuk series for two more seasons after that, running until 2019.

One of these seasons may be the rumored mash-up between Murder House and Coven (the first and third seasons), but obviously there's no word on that quite yet. I'll still be waiting eagerly to hear what themes they announce for each consecutive season, but personally I might become a bit more picky with which seasons I spend my time on.

The past few seasons I couldn't muster up the energy to watch all the way through, but the series is still a powerhouse of weird, dynamic ideas that occasionally strike a nerve. At any rate, it's not a bad thing that we'll be given more chances to see what this crew can do with new and varied storylines.

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Source: Variety



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