American Mary herself Katharine Isabelle joins Hannibal

Hannibal, meet American Mary!

TV Line reports that Katharine Isabelle, of GINGER SNAPS, FREDDY VS. JASON and AMERICAN MARY fame, has joined NBC's serial killer drama "Hannibal" (which just a got a new preview; peep it below). And it sounds like she is gearing up for a major arc on the series.

Isabelle will play Margot, who suffered years of abuse at the hands of her serial-killer twin brother. Margot is now a patient of Dr. Hannibal Lecter's and, apparently, a potential love interest for Will.

However, there are two strikes going against that romance: Will is locked up, and Margot is evidently a lesbian. But hey, stranger things have happened on this show...

Isabelle will join the series during its eighth episode and hang around for four weeks. If Margot has a dark side comparable to American Mary's, perhaps the show's men had better watch their backs.

FBI Agent Will Graham hunts the most notorious serial killers. What he doesn't know is his new partner is the most notorious serial killer of all. Both a gift and a curse, Graham has the extraordinary ability to think like his prey—he sees what they see, feels what they feel. But while Graham is pursuing an especially troubling, cannibalistic murderer, Special Agent Jack Crawford teams him with a highly respected psychiatrist – a man with a taste for the criminal minded – Dr. Hannibal Lecter.

"Hannibal" returns on February 28.

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite Katherine Isabelle performance?
Source: TV Line



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