Annabelle 2 officially rated R for horror violence and terror

Were you were worried when LIGHTS OUT director David Sandberg joined THE CONJURING spin-off, sequel (whoa) ANNABELLE 2, that the flick would get a PG-13? If you were, rest at ease ladies and gents as the MPAA has recently slapped ANNABELLE 2 with a glorious R-rating.

The new film is rated-R for: horror violence and terror.

Now I guess this was to be expected considering the original ANNABELLE was rated R. As were THE CONJURING films that spawned the spin-off. 

That said, the original ANNABELLE was rated R for a much more promising set of reasons: "intense sequences of disturbing violence and terror." But then again, we all saw the original and the last thing I remember was intense sequences of disturbing violence. 

I guess the hippie-couple home invasion was pretty "intense", but whatever. Truthfully, if you had asked me before I start writting this article what the original ANNABELLE was rated I would have probably told you it was PG-13. That's just how I remember the film.

Oh well, we all know by this point the only (real) reason I write up posts for ANNABELLE 2 is so I can post pictures of the amazingly hot Annabelle Wallis. For those you might not know, Wallis starred in the original film as the amazingly hot pregnant girl who is creeper-stalked by Annabelle and her co-horts.

So... let's get back to it.

ANNABELLE 2 is produced by James Wan and directed by David Sanberg. It opens August 11, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: Doll-Catfight. Who wins: TIFFANY or ANNABELLE?
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