Annabelle director to helm Black List script Wish Upon

John R Leonetti Annabelle Wish Upon Barbara Marshall

John R. Leonetti, the director of ANNABELLE, was put at the helm of that project for a reason. He's been James Wan's faithful cinematographer since 2007, shooting DEAD SILENCE, DEATH SENTENCE, INSIDIOUS 1 & 2, and THE CONJURING. Although his break from cinematographer to director in the Wan stable was inauspicious, the man knows how to craft a scare, so he's been pulled onto another horror thriller project.

Entitled WISH UPON, the project is produced by Broad Green Entertainment and Busted Shark Productions’ Sherryl Clark. The script by Barbara Marshall, which was on the Black List, is about:

When 16-year-old misfit Claire finds a magic box that promises a chance at the life she’s always wanted, she never could have guessed that each wish would demand a deadly payment. 

There is currently no cast attached, but production is scheduled to begin this Fall.

John R. Leonetti
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Source: Deadline



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