AnnaLynne McCord is out of control in 68 Kill trailer

68 Kill Trent Haaga AnnaLynne McCord

AnnaLynne McCord is clearly not the sort of actress who is concerned about being typecast. I see an image like the one from 68 KILL above, with McCord cackling like a madwoman while blood runs down her face, and I just think, "Yep, looks like the average AnnaLynne McCord character." When I read the description of her 68 KILL character, a wild girl with loose morals and a willingness to commit murder, I think "Yep, sounds like the average AnnaLynne McCord character." But it works for her; she is very good at what she does. And here she goes again.

McCord co-stars with Matthew Gray Gubler in 68 KILL, the latest film from Troma alum Trent Haaga. Written and directed by Haaga and based on a novel by Bryan Smith, it has the following synopsis: 

Trailer-dwelling, sewage-pumping Chip (Gubler) may not lead the most glamorous life, but he’s got one thing going for him: he’s head over heels infatuated with his girlfriend Liza (McCord). He’s more than willing to overlook her wild streak—the fact that she’s hooking up with their landlord; her rather extreme mood swings —so when she proposes a plot to steal $68,000, he goes along with the plan. But when what was supposed to be a simple heist turns into an off-the-rails, blood-spattered crime spree, Chip learns the hard way just how deranged the love of his life really is.

68 KILL will be screening at the Fantasia Film Festival on July 29th, just under a week before IFC Midnight will be giving the film a VOD and limited theatrical release on August 4th.

Check out the trailer below and prepare to see McCord doing a great job being very bad once again.

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