Ash comes home in Ash vs. Evil Dead season 2 first look video

Ash vs. Evil Dead Bruce Campbell

The ten episode first season of Ash vs. Evil Dead ranks up there as some of the most gleefully fun television I've ever watched, so I can't wait for the Starz series to return to the air for its second season, starting Sunday, October 2nd at 8pm ET.

Led by Bruce Campbell, reprising his role from Sam Raimi's EVIL DEAD film trilogy, Ash vs. Evil Dead season two will delve further into the history of heroic horror icon Ash Williams than ever before while telling the following story: 

Since Season One, Ash has been living it up in Jacksonville with his loyal sidekick Pablo and revenge-filled Kelly. Season Two kicks off with a double-deadite battle royale interrupting the party, Ash is forced to return back to his hometown of Elk Grove, Michigan... and as always, Evil follows him. 

Campbell is joined in the cast by returning co-stars Lucy Lawless as the evil (now reformed?) Ruby; Ray Santiago as Ash's traumatized sidekick Pablo Simon Bolivar; and Dana DeLorenzo as Kelly Maxwell, who is still seeking to avenge her parents. New additions this season include Lee Majors as Ash's father Brock, Ted Raimi as his childhood best friend Chest Kaminski, and Michelle Hurd as his high school love Linda... Presumably a different Linda than the one he took to the cabin in the woods for the ill-fated vacation that started the EVIL DEAD franchise more than thirty years ago.

While we wait the remaining month and change for the show's return, Starz has released a first look video titled Welcome to Elk Grove, which features some quick clips of season two action while the stars and executive producer Rob Tapert talk about some of the things we can expect to see in the next batch of ten episodes.

These two minutes aren't as great as getting to watch a full episode, but they're an entertaining way to get through a couple more minutes of the wait.

Extra Tidbit: Have you watched Ash vs. Evil Dead season one?



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