Austin Stowell and Tim Blake Nelson join Anne Hathaway in Colossal

In May, writer/director Nacho Vigalondo and production company Voltage Pictures officially announced their intention to make a "GODZILLA meets LOST IN TRANSLATION" (or, alternately, "GODZILLA meets BEING JOHN MALKOVICH") kaiju film called COLOSSAL. Just one week later, Godzilla rights holders Toho Studios slapped the filmmakers with a lawsuit, accusing them of trying to make "an unauthorized Godzilla film". While a hearing is set to be held next month, Vigalondo and Voltage are still moving ahead on COLOSSAL, and are assembling their cast.

Already attached when the project was announced, Anne Hathaway will star as 

Gloria, an ordinary woman who, after losing her job and her fiancé, decides to leave her life in New York to move back to her hometown.

But when news reports surface that a giant lizard is destroying the city of Tokyo, Gloria gradually comes to realize that she is strangely connected to these far-off events via the power of her mind. In order to prevent further destruction, Gloria needs to determine why her seemingly insignificant existence has such a colossal effect on the fate of the world.

Hathaway has been joined by Austin Stowell (pictured above), who is said to be playing her love interest in the film, and Tim Blake Nelson (below), who will play "Garth, who has a drug problem that he doesn’t do a particularly good job of hiding."

COLOSSAL starts filming today in Vancouver, whether Toho likes it or not. 

This is a movie I'm very interested in seeing, and I think that as long as the rampaging lizard itself is different enough from Godzilla, there's plenty of room for both it and the King of the Monsters in the entertainment world.

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Source: Deadline #1, #2



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