Blumhouse nabs found-footage horror pic Peachfuzz from the Duplass bros.

With Sundance kicking off today, expect to hear about all kinds of pick-up and distro-deals in the next 10 days or so.

And we start with PEACHFUZZ, a found-footage horror flick that just got acquired by Blumhouse Productions. Patrick Brice directed the film from a script he co-wrote with Mark Duplass (Pete from "The League"). Duplass and his brother Jay (of BAGHEAD fame), produced the flick. Unfortunately, PEACHFUZZ wasn't ready for to screen in full at the annual film fest, but after seeing a teaser poster and a few key scenes, found-footage purveyors Blumhouse scooped up the flick ASAP.

As for the plot, it's being shrouded quite well, but apparently follows a man who answers a Craigslist ad with unexpected results.

Sounds unnerving to me, especially given the dubious nature of online relationship building. Just ask that Manti Te'o sumbitch.

As for the Duplass bros. (seen above), it seems few work harder these days. Dude's have turned their "mumblecore" stylings into quite a career, having directed two flicks last year alone (go see JEFF WHO LIVES AT HOME, it's tremendous), not to mention Mark's acting resume of late. Considering this, I have faith PEACHFUZZ will buck convention and offer something new in the genre. Of course, they need to complete the damn thing first.

What says you?

Mark's better half and "The League" co-star Katie Aselton

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