Boyd Holbrook to star in Jim Mickle thriller In the Shadow of the Moon

Logan Boyd Holbrook

The next project from MULBERRY ST. / STAKE LAND / WE ARE WHAT WE ARE director Jim Mickle is a genre-bending thriller titled IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOON, which he'll be making for the Netflix streaming service. Boyd Holbrook of Narcos, LOGAN (pictured), and the upcoming THE PREDATOR is set to star, but no details about his character or the film's plot were shared.

IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOON was written by Gregory Weidman and Geoff Tock, and Mickle has said that their script is 

such a great mind bender and beautifully weaves together all my favorite genres."

Since Mickle has so much horror on his filmography, that quote leads me to believe that this project will have a touch of horror to it as well.

Mickle also had some strong praise for his other collaborators in this endeavor:

Boyd is going to eat this role alive and show why he’s one of the best young actors working today. We’re lucky to have an incredibly talented producing team and a home like Netflix that’s excited to take chances. Any studio that makes ‘Okja’ has a permanent place in my heart."

I'll be interested in seeing this one come together, as I recently watched and really enjoyed Mickle's film COLD IN JULY, which reminded me of BLOOD SIMPLE in a way and went in directions I was not expecting.

Mickle is producing IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOON with Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, Rian Cahill, Ben Pugh, and Linda Moran. We'll keep you updated as we learn more about it.

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Source: Variety



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