Christopher Lloyd returns for Summer of Piranha!

Supposedly there will be a new PIRANHA design for SUMMER OF PIRANHA. It's said to be a mixture of piranha and tuna fish... Tuna, really? There is supposedly a joke being presented here in that Japanese people love themselves some tuna, so it's funny that the "tables would turn" as it were.

I don't know about all of that, but I do know I am down with this new bit of news in that PIRANHA 3D, and PIRANHA 3DD co-star Christopher Lloyd will be returning for SUMMER OF PIRANHA!

Christoper Lloyd is one of my favorite actors having grown up with him in such flicks as BACK TO THE FUTURE, THE ADDAMS FAMILY, and let's not forget his utterly terrifying turn as Doom in WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT!

The new PIRANHA flick is being produced by longtime PIRANHA contributor Chako van Leewen, who is being credited with her actual name this time around, Hisako Tsukuba. Roger Corman will be executive producer, already forking over a large bit of the flick's budget.

SUMMER OF PIRANHA (PIRANHA JPN, if you live in Japan) is in pre-production and the hunt is on for a director, cast, and crew. Shooting is expected to begin this summer in Japan.

PIRANHA 3DD star Katrina Bowden

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