Clive Barker's Rawhead Rex gets a 4k theatrical restoration this Summer

I have a few prized possessions as a horror fan. One is a first-run hardcover of Stephen King's IT and the other is my signed copy of Steve Niles' graphic novel adaptation of Clive Barker's RAWHEAD REX.

Enough about me and my horror-nerd shite - it turns out the horrifically horrible 1986 adaptation of RAWHEAD REX will be getting a 4K restoration this Summer that - get this sh*t - will also play in theaters! Yeah, true story. There will then be a 4K Blu-ray available come Halloween.

Here is the tweet from KL Studio Classics:

See, I wasn't lying.

Again, I love the short story RAWHEAD REX with damn-near all of my heart, but that 1986 flick is hot garbage. I can only hope the restoration is enough of a hit that someone greenlights a new adaptation of the short story, as RAWHEAD REX tops my list of horror films that need to be remade.

RAWHEAD REX 4K hits theaters this Summer and Blu-ray this Halloween.

Do yourself an epic favor and buy the RAWHEAD REX graphic novel HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Clive Barker hates the film and calls the design "Miss Piggy in combat fatigues.”



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