The Thing is getting a 4k restoration from Arrow Video

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

There are certain things us horror fans are split on: Which FRIDAY THE 13TH flick is best, which NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET sequel rocks the hardest, who REALLY won at the end of FREDDY VS JASON? But through all of our bouts of differing opinions, one thing (get it?) remains a given:

Every single horror fan worships John Carpenter's THE THING.

And so they should. It is with this in mind I bring you guys the news that the dudes over at Arrow Video are currently hard at work to bring us our first 4K restoration of John Carpenter's THE THING!

Yes, very soon (hopefully) we will all be able to show our new girlfriends and little brothers the Carpenter classic as it was meant to be seen! While there isn't a release date set as of yet, you can peep the Facebook post via Arrow Video yourself and know that I'm not pulling a fast one here.

Pretty cool huh? Now, tell us what YOU think of Arrow Video working on a 4K restoration of John Carpenter's THE THING? Do you buy into the whole 4K thing (waka, waka) or are you still more of a VHS kind of chick or dude? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

And for those who just can't wait, you can buy THE THING on Blu-ray HERE.


Source: Arrow Video

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