Cool Horror Gear: An American Werewolf Puppy in London

I'm not quite sure what the name of this sculpture should be; An American Puppy in London. An American Awww in How F*cking Cute! or many other iterations of that same joke. You get the point.

Anyways, it is not often a piece of horror memorabilia comes out that your girlfriend wouldn't mind having up around the house. And that, if nothing else, is worth celebrating! This new puppy-version of the werewolf from AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON comes to us from Tom Spina Designs. 

Tom Spina Designs rundown:

A life size werewolf puppy… a statue in need of a leash!

A puppy version of one of our favorite movie costumes as a life size werewolf statue? That’s when we know for sure that our clients are THE BEST!

We jumped into this sculpture project and created a really cool and BIG puppy figure! The finished prop/doll has a ton of life and is both cute and creepy. You can almost hear him howl!  The silicone wolf head sculpture is hyper-real, with hand punched hair, custom translucent resin teeth and custom eyes with amazing depth. The head fur comes from our good friends at National Fiber Technology, the top industry source for movie fx hair.

The body of the life size werewolf prop is a hand carved EPS foam piece, with silicone paws and resin claws to match the teeth. A lot of time was spent on this statue, to be sure we were paying a proper homage to the classic Rick Baker werewolf from the 1981 movie.  This realistic silicone sculpture involved the creative efforts of many talented people, including: Steven Richter, Tom Spina, Michelle Nyree, Patrick Louie, and Melissa Dooley.

And of course, this project would never have come to be without the incredibly inspiring work by movie makeup FX legend, Rick Baker! Thank you Rick!!

Again this shite is f*cking adorable and I must attempt to own it right now. You can check out tons of pics of the model, and a making-of video below.


Extra Tidbit: Would you buy one of these?



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