Cool Horror Videos: '90s-style commercial for The Barn video game

Writer/director Justin M. Seaman's extremely cool-looking slasher THE BARN is set to be released on DVD this October, but we don't have to wait four months to see its killer creatures Hallowed Jack, Candycorn Scarecrow, and The Boogeyman in action. In fact, you can battle them yourself right now by downloading The Barn - The Video Game onto your Android phone, iPhone, or iPad.

The game's description: 

Sam, Josh, Michelle, Russell, Chris and Nikki are spending their Halloween night traveling back home from seeing the rock band Demon Inferno. Suddenly their van runs out of gas. Looking for help, the group stumbles upon an old abandoned barn. Knocking on the door unleashes the unforeseen evil inside. Once the smoke clears, most of the teens have vanished without a trace... except for Sam! YOU must now help restore the group by searching for them throughout the town of Wheary Falls and defeating the creatures of the night.

Set in 1989, THE BARN has an '80s throwback style to it, and Seaman continued the retro theme with the commercial for The Barn - The Video Game, which was made to look like it came from an early '90s VHS. It's a fun ad, and if you were actually around in the early '90s you may get hit by a wave of nostalgia when you watch the video.

You can get The Barn - The Video Game for just $4.99 on Google Play or iTunes.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be playing The Barn - The Video Game?



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