Haunted Barn Paranormal Investigation Part 2 (We Want to Believe)

Our paranormal investigation of a Haunted Barn comes to a close in PART 2 (watch PART 1 HERE) of our latest case on our webseries WE WANT TO BELIEVE. Police show up (watch to find out why), lead investigator Peter Renn calls in psychic Jennifer Nash to help the team figure out who — or what — is responsible for the mysterious haunting and yeah, it gets freaky. Here's what show creator and paranormal investigator Jason Hewlett had to say about the peculiar denouement (yeah big word there, had that one in my back pocket for months) of this spook laced case.

Just when I thought The Barn investigation couldn’t get any weirder, the police showed up! Even Peter, who’s pretty much seen it all in this field, was taken aback by this. How we resolve this encounter is something you just have to watch. Peter bringing in psychic Jennifer Nash took me by surprise, as Peter doesn’t put much stock in what psychics and mediums have to say (nor do I). But he has complete faith in her abilities, and what Jennifer gleaned from The Barn, and how it relates to Dee, certainly added to the investigation.

Our series We Want to Believe is all about…

A paranormal reality show that takes an un-Hollywood approach to the pseudo science of paranormal investigation. Episodes chronicle investigations by writer/director/investigator Jason Hewlett, paranormal investigator Peter Renn and their team as they tackle hauntings, spectral encounters, Bigfoot, UFO sightings, and other high strangeness, No false evidence, no camera tricks or special effects — this is the real deal; what you see is raw and intact.  

Check out some stills from this episode and Part 1 of The Barn if you missed it below! Next up for our team? A Haunted Doll House! Should be a hoot nanny! Till then, you can follow the show's OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE HERE, follow us on our new INSTAGRAM PAGE and give us a rating on our IMDb page. Great week to all!

Are The Barn hauntings solved?

Meet Psychic Jennifer Nash who was brought in to help solve the case!

Lead Investigator Peter Renn (center) psychic Jennifer Nash (right) and Marcus Flor (cinematographer and executive producer) are ready for ghost-busting action!

The Police showed up? Why? Did Investigator Jason Hewlett get pinched dodging yet another speeding ticket? That's a joke… it was hookers. That's another joke.



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