Cool Horror Videos: Zombie Truck!

When the zombie apocalypse inevitably hits, you're gonna need a sweet ride. Something functional but not too flashy, tricked out with enough weapons and firepower to decimate any oncoming horde. Also, if it has a cage in the back to collect the dead for specimens or preservation until the cure has been found, that would be great, too. But what vehicle would possibly have all these features before a zombie apocalypse? The answer: "Zombie Truck."

Okay, so it isn't a real commercial, but "Zombie Truck" is an awesome idea. A ready-made all terrain vehicle designed exclusively to help you survive the uprising of the undead just seems like a good idea to me. Until Ford decides to get on board with my blue prints, we'll have to merely dream something like "Zombie Truck" will be a reality. The faux commercial was made by Bleeding Apple Films (based out of Guelph, Ontario) and is a fun, slickly put together short you're sure to enjoy. So check it out already!

Extra Tidbit: Can I say, the Dead Reckoning zombie killing truck was just about the only cool thing about Romero's LAND OF THE DEAD. Okay, besides Asia Argento in tight leather.



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