David Bruckner goes from The Ritual to The Night House

The Ritual David Bruckner

After directing segments of the anthologies V/H/S and SOUTHBOUND, David Bruckner spent some time trying to develop a FRIDAY THE 13TH film that unfortunately didn't move forward. So when that project appeared hopeless, he took the opportunity to move on to making the well-received Netflix creature feature THE RITUAL. Now Bruckner is teaming with David S. Goyer's Phantom Four production company and financier Anton Corp. for another genre film, this one a supernatural thriller called THE NIGHT HOUSE.

Written by Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski, the duo behind the awesome and disturbing thriller SUPER DARK TIMES, THE NIGHT HOUSE is said to be about 

a widow who begins to uncover her deceased husband's disturbing secrets. 

That doesn't give a lot to go on, but the involvement of Bruckner, Collins, and Piotrowski is enough to make me interested in this project. It's already a "must see" for me.

Goyer will be producing the film with Keith Levine.

Extra Tidbit: Are you interested in THE NIGHT HOUSE?
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