David Lynch directing 18 episodes of Twin Peaks season 3

TWIN PEAKS fans, rejoice! Not only was disaster averted a couple weeks ago when, a month after departing over budgetary issues, David Lynch came back on board Showtime's revival of the series he created with Mark Frost in 1989, but there will also be double the amount of episodes originally announced.

The new season had been expected to run nine episodes, but at the recent Crypticon convention in Seattle, actress Sherilyn Fenn revealed that the episode count has been boosted to eighteen.

The return to TWIN PEAKS is expected to air on Showtime in 2016, twenty-five years after the show ended a thirty episode, two season run on ABC. Lynch is co-writing all of the episodes with Frost and will be directing each one as well. Series composer Angelo Badalamenti will be providing the score, and a large portion of the cast has signed on to reprise their roles.

I must confess: despite being told by many people over the years that I needed to watch TWIN PEAKS, I still never have. I've always planned to, but have just never gotten around to it. This revival is the nudge I needed to finally start watching. By the time the first episode airs on Showtime, I intend to be caught up with it.

Sherilyn Fenn

Extra Tidbit: Are you happy to be getting twice as much TWIN PEAKS?
Source: Polygon



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