Dredd 3D sequel coming this September... in comic-book form

We've all come to terms with the fact that there will be no DREDD 3D sequel hitting cinemas. At least, not for a long, long time. Like it or not, the film bombed hard at the box office, and even though DVD/Blu-ray sales were solid, it takes more than a cult following to fund a film that will cost $40 million-plus. (Perhaps they can start a Kickstarter page with a $50 million goal?)

However, we'll still be getting a follow-up in a different medium: the comics! What better place than where Judge Dredd began? IGN received a teaser poster for the sequel from publisher 2000AD, which you can see below. Hey, we'll take it! (We could also get a short film in the near future.)

I suppose the question is, how will this be a true sequel to the movie? Will they draw Dredd to resemble Karl Urban? Will Cassandra Anderson (Olivia Thirlby) still be by Dredd's side? Should be interesting to find out; expect more info on this one when Comic-Con rolls around in July.

Extra Tidbit: DREDD 3D comic sequel: good enough for you?
Source: IGN



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