Drive star Oscar Isaac straps in for Inertia, as does producer Jaume Collet-Serra

You may recall an action-suspense thriller in-the-works called INERTIA from last May. Set to be APOLLO 18 director Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego's follow-up to that sci-fi misfire, the project sounded like an intense piece of work - and it still does, as today brings us a big update on the car-chase picture.

INERTIA is now being produced by Jaume Collet-Serra, the director of ORPHAN and UNKNOWN. The former music video autuer's L.A.-based production company Ombra Films is on board and will team with Miguel Angel Faura's Roxbury Pictures.

Furthermore, Oscar Isaac, whom you might recall from his turns in DRIVE, ROBIN HOOD and SUCKER PUNCH, will take on the lead role. As Isaac is in production on the Coen Brothers' latest, I'd say the man is clearly having his day in the sun right now.

INERTIA's plot: Just another day and as usual Burman goes to work as a courier. Halfway through the morning, he is witness to a brutal car accident. A car goes up onto the sidewalk and runs over a boy. The driver flees the scene. The boy is very seriously injured. Burman calls an ambulance and then, without really thinking about it, hits the accelerator of his van to follow the car, which then speeds up to avoid being caught.

This turns out to be an everlasting day in which Burman will discover that nothing is as it seems and that behind what at first appeared to be accidental, hides an intriguing mystery. To catch the driver and reveal his face will become an obsession that will lead him into situations he could never have imagined.

According to the official site for The Film Factory (the company handling international sales), "the director has developed a novel system of filming which involves more than 30 cameras within the cars, so the spectator will experience high speeds as if they were in the film. What REC was to horror films, INERTIA will be to the action genre."

Sounds like a pretty wild ride. The fun begins this summer when INERTIA revs up production in Spain.

DRIVE star Christina Hendricks... just because...

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