Elizabeth Olsen confirms Godzilla involvement, talks tone of the film

Last week came the very encouraging news that Gareth Edwards' GODZILLA was close to signing a couple of fantastic actors, Elizabeth Olsen and Bryan Cranston. As if we needed more reasons to get excited about this flick, which counts Frank Darabont among its writers. Today we learn that Olsen is indeed on board. Huzzah!

Olsen was recently a presence at the BAFTAs and a reporter from "Absolute Radio" caught up with the actress and asked about the forthcoming monster epic. While not willing to give up much, Olsen did say that it's "definitely not light-hearted." She continued that "it's kind of going back to its roots of the original Japanese film."

This lines up with what Darabont said about the film a few weeks ago, when he said they weren't going the "campy" route, using the word "terrifying" to describe Godzilla.

KICK-ASS star Aaron Johnson is reportedly still in talks to star in the film, which has a MAY 14, 2014 release date set. Production is expected to begin soon in Canada.

Check out Olsen's comments below. Now all we need is an "affirmative" from Cranston, who I personally don't think the big lizard would be any match for.

Extra Tidbit: Does Ms. Olsen's involvement in GODZILLA make it even more appealing to you?
Source: Absolute Radio



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