Ellen Page will face The Third Wave of zombies

Ellen Page

Described as a thoughtful, psychological horror film, THE THIRD WAVE is a project writer/director David Freyne has been developing since 2011. He had the script ready in 2013, at which time he decided to shoot a short film that would serve as a prequel to the feature's story, which is 

set in the aftermath of a devastating virus that has gripped the continent for six years, transforming humans into zombie-like monsters.

A cure has been found but society is divided into those who were once infected, and committed terrible violent acts, and those who never contracted the virus.

In the backdrop, the rise of a terrorist movement, fuelled by the deep divisions, threatens to plunge the region into chaos again.

That short film, called THE FIRST WAVE, can be see below. A couple years later, THE THIRD WAVE is heading toward production, and Freyne has cast one of the best actresses a filmmaker could hope to get for their movie: Ellen Page.

Audiences may be starting to feel some zombie fatigue these days, but Page promises that THE THIRD WAVE "brings an entire new perspective to the zombie genre, which I love. David Freyne truly shifts his lens on society's role in the apocalyptic world."

THE THIRD WAVE will be filming in Ireland later this year.

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