Exclusive 1:1 Interview: Daniel Radcliffe talks Horns at SDCC!

Perhaps the biggest celebrity making his first San Diego Comic-Con appearance this year was Daniel Radcliffe. Believe it or not, the former Harry Potter star had never come to San Diego with his mega-franchise, and truth be told, most of his other film projects just weren't SDCC material. But HORNS is a different story; a horror-mystery from cult writer Joe Hill and director Alexandre Aja, the film has enough weird appeal for the legions of fanboys and girls attending the year's biggest convention.

We were among a select number of outlets allowed to sit with Daniel one-on-one to talk about his new film, which is certainly unlike anything we've seen him in before. We start off by talking about his experience at the Con, then move into HORNS itself: what attracted him to this macabre tale, what wearing the horns was like and what he found most challenging about the role.

Extra Tidbit: HORNS comes out on October 31st.

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