Exclusive 1:1 Interview with writer, producer and star of Aftershock, Eli Roth

To be fair, movies like AFTERSHOCK freak me the f*ck out. Any kind of natural disaster flick or nuclear holocaust movie (doom and gloom stuff) is terrifying enough in my book, but when they feature the gruesome nature of the event in gory detail, that just makes me all sorts of uncomfortable. Thankfully though, as demented as this latest disaster horror flick gets, Eli Roth (who produced and co-wrote the feature) adds a nice level of humor as well.

When I sat down with Mr. Roth we discussed his role in the film. While he has appeared in numerous films as an actor including INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS as well as bit roles in PIRAHNA 3D and ROCK OF AGES – yes, he was in a musical – he gets to really disappear into this particular role. He is surprisingly vulnerable as an American who is visiting friends in Chile when the massive disaster hits. AFTERSHOCK will be rocking theatres this Friday!

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