Exclusive: A look at the new Dead Space graphic novel, Liberation

Fans of the DEAD SPACE universe had better prepare themselves for this slice of awesomeness: an exclusive preview of DEAD SPACE: LIBERATION, a graphic novel from Titan Books which ties in to the upcoming video game, DEAD SPACE 3.

DEAD SPACE: LIBERATION follows the events of the smash video game hit Dead Space 2. We follow Earthgov Sergeant John Carver whose wife and son are attacked by fanatics trying to liberate the Marker site where she works. Racing to solve the clues his wife left behind, Carver teams up with Ellie Langford, survivor of an earlier Necromorph outbreak on the Sprawl, and EarthGov Captain Robert Norton. Together they unlock deep secrets about the Markers in an epic adventure that will determine the fate of mankind.

The book releases on February 5th, the same date as DEAD SPACE 3. Take a peek at these exclusive pages and let us know what you think!

Extra Tidbit: How many DEAD SPACE fans do we have you there?



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