EXCLUSIVE: Images from upcoming supernatural horror flick House of Dust

Got a batch of exclusive stills and info for you today from the supernatural horror number HOUSE OF DUST, which comes from director A.D. Calvo (THE OTHER SIDE OF THE TRACKS). Starring in the film are Stephen Spinella (pictured, as the doctor), Nicole Travolta (pictured, in the shower), Holland Roden, Inbar Lavi and Joy Lauren.

Here's a quickie synopsis for you: College students exploring an abandoned insane asylum accidentally shatter canisters holding the cremains of former mental patients; inhaling the dusty ash filling the air, they’re soon possessed by the souls once held within them. One is a convicted serial killer from 1950.

If you're looking for a synopsis with a little more detail, here you go: Shy, introverted Emma is just entering college. She yearns to be normal because she’s anything but; though meds keep her symptoms at bay, she’s secretly battling what her doctors tell her is schizophrenia. Her new friends, the sweet, talkative Gabby (her roommate), pot smokin’, skateboarding extraordinaire, Dylan, and all around good guy/athlete, Kolt, invite Emma to a back-to-school bon fire party. It quickly turns into a ghost hunting expedition when the four break into Redding House, an abandoned insane asylum on the outskirts of campus. Once inside, Emma flashes back to her time in lock up, when she was seeing and hearing people that weren’t there, but this feels real; something evil is tracking her. Meanwhile her friends, clowning around in the basement furnace room, knock over shelves of old canisters and inhale the mysterious dust contained within three of them.

Soon after, coeds begin vanishing from their dorms, and Emma’s friends start changing in disturbing ways. Gabby falls into a debilitating depression, slovenly Dylan becomes a neat freak overnight, and kindly Kolt turns into a disgusting letch. But it’s worse for Emma. She’s being stalked by that horrifying presence. Are her friends really changing… or is she just going crazy again? Her worst fears come true when she discovers that the coeds have been gruesomely murdered, and now Gabby is missing. In a terrifying twist, Emma learns that the mysterious substance her friends inhaled were the cremains of former mental patients… one of which was a psychotic serial killer whose soul is now possessing her new boyfriend -- Kolt.

Principal photography recently wrapped on HOUSE OF DUST; a 2012 release is planned, which we'll keep you in the loop on. For now, enjoy these new pictures!

Extra Tidbit: How is HOUSE OF DUST treatin' you so far?
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