Exclusive Interview: Michael Dougherty talks Krampus, Trick 'r Treat & more!


Earlier in the month I had the opportunity to visit the ScareHouse in Pittsburgh, PA. If you're unaware, ScareHouse is one of the premiere haunted house attractions in the country, a prolonged fright fest where you're tasked with walking through a labyrinth designed to scare the pants off you. And it just about worked on me!

I wasn't just there to have my bones rattled, though. The purpose of the visit was to talk to director Michael Dougherty, who was in town to chat KRAMPUS, his forthcoming holiday horror treat. ScareHouse had been outfitted with props from KRAMPUS - in addition to having a section made up to resemble the director's TRICK ' R TREAT - and it was all very cool and provided a tantalizing peek at what we can expect from the film when it opens in two months. (Lots of freaky monsters!) Below you'll see a stand-up interview with Mr. Dougherty where we talk KRAMPUS, Halloween, TRICK 'r TREAT and all things horror!

Stay tuned for another interview from The Scare House next week!


Here's a bonus "sizzle reel" from my Scare House walk-through. Yeah, I jumped a handful of times, what of it?!


Extra Tidbit: KRAMPUS opens December 4th.



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