Exclusive poster debut for Extinction, starring Matthew Fox


Today we're happy to exclusively debut the official poster for the post-apocalyptic thriller EXTINCTION, which stars Matthew Fox and Jeffrey Donovan as (supposedly) the last men on Earth after humanity has been wiped out by a plague of creatures. The film is personally exciting because it comes from director Miguel Ángel Vivas, who helmed the very effective and disturbing KIDNAPPED in 2010. I've been eagerly awaiting his follow-up for years now, and looks like I'll get it this July.

EXTINCTION stars Fox and Donovan as...

Patrick (Fox) and Jack (Donovan), the last two men that survived the extinction of mankind at the hands of mysterious creatures.  Nine years after extinction, they find out Jack’s young daughter Lu was not the only other survivor, but worse, they might be wrong in thinking the creatures all perished under Earth’s new sub-freezing conditions.  

EXTINCTION, which also stars Quinn McColgan, Valeria Vereau, and Clara Lago, hits theaters on July 31st.


Extra Tidbit: Are you a fan (for lack of a better word) of Vivas' KIDNAPPED?



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