Exclusive: Teaser and poster unveiled for Henrique Couto's Haunting Inside

Henrique Couto Haunting Inside

Ohio-based filmmaker Henrique Couto's career is one I follow with a sense of awe. As an aspiring filmmaker myself, I find his work to be incredibly inspiring - he's always working on something new and frequently switching up genres. Most of his films are in the horror genre, but he has also made comedies, a family film, and even a Western. He's doing what I want to do, and it's really great to see him achieving success.

Couto is currently gearing up to direct his sixteenth feature film, and we have the EXCLUSIVE first details on the project.

Titled HAUNTING INSIDE, this one takes Couto back into the horror genre again. He'll be working from a screenplay by former Famous Monsters writer Daniel Wilder to tell the following story: 

An agoraphobic woman with autism begins summoning spirits to be her friends while her brother/caretaker is gone during the day, but the more time she spends with the spirits the more it becomes clear they aren't so friendly after all.

The film is set to star Joni Durian and John Hambrick, both veterans of previous Couto productions.

HAUNTING INSIDE marks Couto's first collaboration with Los Angeles-based company Keenan Patrick Pryor Productions. Keenan Patrick Pryor is producing, with Eric Widing serving as co-producer.

Couto had this to say about the upcoming production:

Having directed horror films, dramas, comedies, and even a western one of my favorite things to be is diverse when it comes to my story telling. That is why I am so excited about Haunting Inside, this is my opportunity to tell a scary story by cranking the atmosphere up to eleven and trying something a little on the 'slow burn' side of things."

The poster and a teaser (featuring music composed by Ray Mattis) can be seen below. If you'd like to follow HAUNTING INSIDE as it makes its way through production, make sure to like the film's Facebook page.

Click the poster to see it larger

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