Fede Alvarez says Don't Breathe 2 is still in the works

Here is my pitch for DON'T BREATHE 2: The Blind Man goes looking for his money and stumbles across the chick's house from Mike Flanagan's HUSH. A battle royale ensues. 

In all seriousness, the last news we heard about the sequel to DON'T BREATHE was way back in November when producer Sam Raimi said the second film has "the greatest idea for a sequel I've ever heard." Since then news has been quiet on the TURKEY BASTER 2 -- I mean, DON'T BREATHE 2 front.

DON'T BREATHE director Fede Alvarez has since been attached to THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO sequel THE GIRL IN THE SPIDER'S WEB, and also a sequel to the classic Jim Henson/David Bowie flick THE LABYRINTH

But what about DON'T BREATHE 2??

Recently a fan asked Alvarez the same question on Twitter and here's how the filmmaker responded:

Wow, not one to mince words, is Alvarez? But I guess that makes sense considering how streamlined his flicks are. Anyhow, what do you think of this news? Are you excited for more adventures with The Blind Man?

I'm excited as hell for more Jane Levy stumbling around in the dark, throat-punching dogs, but I think we can leave the turkey basters out of the equation this time around... unlesss, of course, we get a scene of Levy wielding them like dual pistols in a John Woo movie... then I'm totally down for more shenanigans with spunk (band name).

Either way, we'll keep you guys up to date on any and all news we hear on DON'T BREATHE 2.



Extra Tidbit: Are you excited for DON'T BREATHE 2?
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