Felicity Jones set to star in Juan Antonio Bayona's A Monster Calls

Earlier this month we caught wind of the release date for Juan Antonio Bayona's A MONSTER CALLS which has been slated for a wide release on October 14, 2016. Now that a release date is set in place we’re starting to get our first bit of casting news. Deadline reports that Felicity Jones (below) is making a deal to star in film and she will take on the character of Mum.

And apparently the filmmakers already have their eye on who they want to play the Monster as the site also reports that they are courting Liam Neeson for the role, but are unsure if it will result in a deal. We’ll have to keep our eye on that one because a Neeson Monster sounds pretty legit to me.

Based on the award-winning children’s fantasy novel by Patrick Ness, A MONSTER CALLS goes like this:

The film tells the tale of a young boy who attempts to deal with his mother’s illness and the bullying of classmates by escaping into a fantastical world of monsters and fairy tales that deal with courage, loss and faith.

The film will be produced by Belen Atienza (THE IMPOSSIBLE, PAN'S LABYRINTH, THE ORPHANAGE) and is slated for an October 14, 2016 release. A MONSTER CALLS will be distributed by Focus Features domestically, Universal Pictures International for its theatrical and home entertainment release in Spain and Lionsgate International throughout the rest of the world.

Extra Tidbit: Are you looking forward to seeing what Bayona does with A MONSTER CALLS?
Source: Deadline



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