Festival poster for Afflicted shows its brains

Thanks to CBS Films we now have a festival poster for Clif Prowse and Derek Lee’s AFFLICTED (previously ENDS OF THE EARTH) to show you folks. It's a simple and gritty design that shows off the brains of the flick! It will be premiering at the Midnight Madness portion of the Toronto International Film Festival and sounds like a pretty crazy little found-footage horror film. We've been seeing a lot of movies go the found-footage route these days so I hope that AFFLICTED can find a way to set itself apart from the rest.

Clif Prowse, Derek Lee, Edo Van Breemen, Zachary Gray and Baya Rehaz all star in the CBS Films production. Take a peak at film's festival poster below!

Best friends Derek and Clif set out on a trip of a lifetime. Their plan: travel to the ends of the earth, see the world, and live life to the fullest. But the trip soon takes a dark and bloody turn. Just days in, one of the men shows signs of a mysterious affliction which gradually takes over his entire body and being. Now, thousands of miles from home, in a foreign land, they must race to uncover the source of his illness before it consumes him completely. Footage of their travels meant to document pleasant memories may now become evidence of one of the most shocking discoveries ever captured on film…and may be their only postcard home.

Extra Tidbit: Do you guys dig the poster for AFFLICTED?



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