Fiona Dourif has a bad camping experience in Patrick Rea's Enclosure

Patrick Rea Enclosure

Fiona Dourif is the daughter of horror royalty, and it looks like she's going to have a solid career in the genre herself. She has had a recurring role on True Blood, checked into the FEAR CLINIC, and was menaced by a killer doll voiced by her father Brad in CURSE OF CHUCKY. Now the younger Dourif has a lead role in director Patrick Rea's horror film ENCLOSURE, which will find her crossing paths with a monster in the wilderness.

A couple’s romantic camping trip is cut short after a group of nearby hunters are brutally killed by a mysterious creature. As the creature turns it’s focus on the couple, they must fight for their survival while their shelter is destroyed. Secrets and supernatural stories come to light, and they must determine if the real threat is inside or outside their enclosure.

Dourif's co-stars include Jake Busey and Kevin Ryan. A few stills from the film recently made their way online and have been included in this article.

ENCLOSURE looks and sounds quite promising to me. There's no word yet on when the movie might be released, but we'll keep you updated as things develop.

Enclosure Patrick Rea Fiona Dourif Enclosure Patrick Rea

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