Frank Grillo and Claire Holt star in thriller Wolf in the Wild

Frank Grillo

Frank Grillo, whose credits include THE PURGE: ANARCHY and THE GREY, is one of the coolest badass actors working today, and he just signed on to star in a film that sounds very interesting, WOLF IN THE WILD.

Set to be directed by Gregory Plotkin (PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE GHOST DIMENSION) from a screenplay by Mark Mavrothalasitis and Will Frank, WOLF IN THE WILD tells the story of 

a young man who is taken in by his best friend’s family after his grandmother dies. Life initially seems idyllic, until he stumbles upon proof that his adopted father may be a violent criminal. 

If Grillo is playing the adopted father who turns out to be a violent criminal and has to go after the kid, this movie could be awesome. Fittingly, the company behind it is called Awesomeness Films.

So far only one other cast member has been announced: Claire Holt, who is pictured below.

WOLF IN THE WILD is being described as a mixture of the Alfred Hitchcock classic REAR WINDOW and DISTURBIA, which was basically a modern remake of REAR WINDOW with a troubled teen in the lead.

Extra Tidbit: How does WOLF IN THE WILD sound to you?
Source: Variety



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