Friday the 13th rights back at Paramount; might we see a new movie soon?

In a very interesting article over at The Hollywood Reporter, it's revealed that Paramount Pictures, the home of Jason Voorhees in the 80s, now once again has controle of the FRIDAY THE 13th franchise. And they'll have to make a new movie within the next five years if they want to retain said rights, meaning we're likely to receive another Jason appearance in the near future. (That's just conjecture on my part, however.)

Warner Bros., which co-produced the FRIDAY THE 13th remake with Paramount, gave the latter studio the rights in exchange for a deal to co-produce the new Christopher Nolan film, INTERSTELLAR. The ins and outs of the arrangement are a little complicated (you can read the full article HERE), but the bottom line is, Jason is back at Paramount.

One reason we've been slow to see a follow-up to the rebooted FRIDAY THE 13th is because of the complex rights arrangement between Warner Bros. and Paramount. Sorting them out proved to be more trouble than it was worth to make FRIDAY 2; Warners apparently wanted to be on board Nolan's INTERSTELLAR so badly that it was willing to sacrifice FRIDAY THE 13th, which Paramount clearly holds in high regard.

Sources tell THR that Paramount has the rights to FRIDAY THE 13th for the next five years and has that amount of time to make follow-up movies. Guess we'll see what happens!

FRIDAY THE 13th remake's Amanda Righetti

Extra Tidbit: What do you predict will happen with FRIDAY THE 13th now that it's back at Paramount?
Source: THR



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