Friday the 13th: The Game concept art teases a classic kill

Friday the 13th: The Game has to do almost nothing to be better than the original F13 video game, released for the NES in 1989. So the fact that the producers are going out of their way to cater to Voorhees fans is pretty encouraging. We already know that four-time villain Kane Hodder is providing the mo-cap for the game and gotten a glimpse at their model for Part 3 Jason, but now we've got an even more enticing piece of concept art.

In the image, you can see what is unmistakably an homage to one of the franchise's most beloved kills, performed by Kane Hodder originally in 1988's FRIDAY THE 13TH PART VII. I don't know about you, but I can't wait to play out my favorite Jason kills as soon as this bugger comes out, which is projected to happen this October. Check out the concept art below!

Friday the 13th: The Game is an online, asymmetric multiplayer experience where one player will assume the role of Jason Voorhees against seven other players assuming the roles of camp counselors trying to survive the night.

You can pre-order your copy right here!

Extra Tidbit: What Jason kill would you love to be able to play out in the game?



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