Full trailer for Adam Wingard's Death Note

Looks like it's gonna be trailer day here at AITH, and that's fine by me too. It was just yesterday that we shared with you guys the poster for the upcoming Netflix adaptation of DEATH NOTE, directed by Adam Wingard - which you can check out below.

Today we bring you the full, new, amazing trailer for the flick!

I have next to ZERO knowledge about DEATH NOTE other than it was at one point a very, very, VERY well-loved comic/manga but past that I know zip and nada. It's with that in mind I tell you guys that I think this looks badass. I'm a big Wingard fan (yes, even BLAIR WITCH) and this looks like a great next step in his evolution as a filmmaker.

Whether or not the full flick holds up to this trailer remains to be seen, but we'll be finding out sooner than later as the film is set to hit Netflix exclusively August 25th.

Until then you can peep the poster and the all-new trailer below. After that let us know what you think of Adam Wingard's DEATH NOTE on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

DEATH NOTE hits Netflix August 15th.

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Source: JoBlo YouTube



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