George Romero talks Empire Of The Dead TV series

Empire of the Dead

Just a couple of weeks ago we learned that George A. Romero’s Empire of the Dead comic book series was getting the small screen treatment by the production company Demarest. While we still don’t know much about the new undead series, Romero had a chat with Blastr and revealed that he will be handling most of the writing for the first season and even plans on directing some of it.

I think I’ll hopefully be directing a couple of [the episodes]. First of all, it has to get made. All we have is a deal to write it and pre-produce it. We don’t have a production deal yet, but our fingers are crossed and it looks good. So we’ll see. But I hope to direct a couple, and I’m writing the pilot, and probably at least most of the first season if it flies.

With the massive success of AMC’s The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead to be a surefire hit, it’s a no-brainer to transition Romero’s comic into the TV world. Will it find similar success? We’ll see!

Welcome to New York City years after the undead plague has erupted — but just because Manhattan has been quarantined, don't think that everyone inside is safe! Not only do flesh-eaters roam within Manhattan, but there's another ancient predator about to take a bite out of the Big Apple!

The series will be written by Romero and longtime partner Peter Grunwald, and executive produced by Romero and Grunwald with Demarest’s Sam Englebardt and William D. Johnson.

Empire of the Dead

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