Get a good look at Gareth Edwards' Godzilla with this latest image

Now that we're only a few short weeks away from seeing the King of the Monsters return to the big screen with Gareth Edwards' GODZILLA the folks at Warner Bros. and Legendary have been giving us some better looks at the big guy, and today we've gotten our hands on another great look at GODZILLA as he stomps his way through a path of destruction. Now if we could just get some images of his monstrous foes that he'll be taking on in the flick I'd be a happy boy.

An epic rebirth to Toho’s iconic Godzilla, this spectacular adventure, from Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures, pits the world’s most famous monster against malevolent creatures who, bolstered by humanity’s scientific arrogance, threaten our very existence.

Aaron Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Bryan Cranston, Juliette Binoche, David Strathairn, Ken Watanabe, Richard T. Jones, Sally Hawkins, Akira Takarada, Victor Rasuk, Yuki Morita, and C.J. Adams star in GODZILLA, which comes out May 16th.

Take a look at the Big G below, and click to see it bigger!

Extra Tidbit: Are you digging what you've seen so far from GODZILLA?



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