Get a look at make up tests for Hicks in Neill Blomkamp's Alien film

michael biehn hicks alien blomkamp

So now we know that Neill Blomkamp's ALIEN film is going forward, and it's a safe bet that Sigourney Weaver will be along for the ride to kick some more Xenomorph tail, but the big question that remains is "Will Hicks return?". Ever since we saw the first concept art for Blomkamp's ALIEN film we've been stoked because they prominently featured Michael Biehn's Hicks from James Cameron's ALIENS, leading fans to hope that we'd be seeing the return of one of the franchise's favorite characters.

Now David Woodruff and his company Generation Effects, Inc. have taken Blomkamp's art to create some make up tests and we've got the images to share with you, courtesy of our pals at TheTerminatorFans.com.

It should be noted that Biehn's involvement in ALIEN 5 has not been confirmed yet, but hopefully these images from the make up tests will spur Blomkamp to get the contracts in Biehn's hands ASAP. These are truly badass and I'd love to see Hicks back in action. For now, these pics show Tom Woodruff Jr. in the role of Hicks but I can totally see Biehn owning it as a scarred but still badass Hicks.

Enough with my jibber jabber...let's get to the pics!

Extra Tidbit: Yes! I need this happen! Who else wants to see Hicks return?



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