Get Out's Allison Williams is a cello prodigy in The Perfection

Allison Williams

Having made her horror genre debut with this year's hit GET OUT, Girls star Allison Williams is now set to return to the genre for a film titled THE PERFECTION - which also happens to continue a collaboration with director Richard Shepard, who has taken the helm of twelve episodes of Girls over the years.

Written by Shepard, Eric Charmelo, and Nicole Snyder, THE PERFECTION 

tells the story of two cello prodigies and a sinister obsession.

Sounds sort of like a BLACK SWAN for cello players.

Shepard will also be producing the film with Stacey Reiss and Miramax's Bill Block. Capstone Group will be presenting the project to potential buyers at the American Film Market next month.

The director had this to say about working with Williams: 

It’s truly exciting to be reunited with Allison. Our time together during the six seasons of Girls was amazing. I loved watching her grow as an actress, and a person and I was thinking of her the entire time we were writing this movie. I can’t wait to bring a different side of Allison to the screen."

Williams chimed in with her own, very intriguing statement on the project: 

Ever since Get Out, I’ve been looking for a feature that had a similar magical alchemy to it — a writer-director I love, a subject matter that feels urgent and relevant, a character who fascinates me, and a script that feels almost too ambitious to pull off. The Perfection is all of those things, and I cannot wait to bring it to life so everyone can see why this project made me feel both eager and trepidatious (quickly becoming my favorite combination of sensations). Without spoiling it, I’ll just say this: We’ve all been talking about this movie — without realizing that we’ve been doing so. And I feel very fortunate and grateful to be able to take part in its realization."

THE PERFECTION is expected to go into production early next year, with filming to take place in Shanghai and Vancouver.

Extra Tidbit: How does THE PERFECTION sound to you?
Source: Deadline



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