Get your hands bloody with this gnarly new trailer for The Seasoning House

Watch out folks, this one gets messy!

Paul Hyett's directorial debut, the unrelenting horror flick THE SEASONING HOUSE, is a movie we've written about a handful of times. A few descriptors attached to such articles: dark, dingy, bleak, ultra-disturbing. Sound perfect or what?!

Well here we are, finally with a look at the trailer for the nasty little exploitation flick. And you know what? It f*cking delivers!

Starring Sean Pertwee, Rosie Day, Kevin Howarth, Anna Walton and Jemma Powell (below):

THE SEASONING HOUSE centers on Angel, a young mute Balkan girl is forced to work in a rape house during an unspecified war. She moves between the walls and crawlspaces, planning her escape. Planning her ingenious and brutal revenge.

Thanks to Kaleidescope Films, THE SEASONING HOUSE will open in UK theaters next year sometime. Until we hear about a North American release, revel in the grue the trailer has to offer below!

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