Gillian Anderson and Ben Kingsley bow down to Our Robot Overlords

Have you been eager to see Gillian Anderson return to the world of science-fiction? Well then, you'll be pleased to know that the former Dana Scully has joined a futuristic thriller called OUR ROBOT OVERLORDS, which is set ot be directed by GRABBERS helmer Jon Wright. (We're still waiting for GRABBERS here in the US, by the way.)

Anderson recently broke the news herself in a quote picked up by Screen Daily, saying that "It’s a fantastic script set in the future about a woman who has four or five kids living with her in a world run by robots and they break out in search of the father who’s gone missing.”

Anderson will be joined by Ben Kingsley in the film, which has a budget of $21 million and begins shooting in May.

Here are some more details on the project from UK sales compnay Embankment Films (which is also where the above image originates from):

Earth has been conquered by Robots from a distant Galaxy, survivors are confined to their houses and must wear electronic implants, risking incineration by Robot Sentries if they venture outside.

In Robot occupied Britain, city centres are devastated and our gang of teenagers live in a seaside town constantly under Robot threat. Intimidating Sentries patrol the streets, Snipers are merciless death machines. The Mediator is deceptively childlike but unnervingly coercive. The Robot base is The Cube, a massive mother-ship that dominates the horizon.

Extra Tidbit: How many of you have been nursing a crush on Scully even after all these years?
Source: Screen Daily



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