Glenn Close, Elizabeth Olsen and Tom Felton to star in ghostly drama Therese Raquin

Though there's no shortage of ghost stories at the cineplex nowadays, THERESE RAQUIN might end up being a bit different. Based on the 1867 book by Émile Zola, it has subsequently been adapted for the stage and screen many, many times - although this writer was, before today, sadly unaware of its existence.

However, a lavish big-screen version of the tale is currently being put together, with a top-notch cast attached, including Glenn Close, Elizabeth Olsen (MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE, SILENT HOUSE) and Tom Felton (aka "Draco Malfoy" from the HARRY POTTER flicks).

THERESE RAQUIN focuses on Thérèse (Olsen), who is trapped in a loveless marriage to her sickly cousin, Camille (Felton). The numbing tedium of her life is suddenly shattered when she embarks on a turbulent affair with her husband’s earthy friend Laurent, but their animal passion for each other soon compels the lovers to murder Camille... whose spirit later haunts them and drives them mad.

This version is being mounted by acclaimed theater director Charlie Stratton. Stratton has been trying to get this up on the screen for a while; several years ago, Jessica Biel and Gerard Butler were attached (Glenn Close was too; she's apparently in it for the long haul). Now that THERESE RAQUIN is gaining real momentum, maybe we can do a "book club" thing and all read the original Zola novel, what do you say?

Elizabeth Olsen

Extra Tidbit: In his younger years, Statton was an actor; one flick he starred in the immortal 1987 "comedy" MUNCHIES.
Source: Deadline.com



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